Applying for a loan can sometimes be a daunting process that requires constant communication and a strong sense of partnership and support. FSG Capital’s loan process is designed to be thorough, transparent, and rapid – without sacrificing the personal touch.

When you partner with us, you won’t be handed off to an inexperienced clerk or a faceless department. You will work directly with our team of industry experts who are supported with expert back office capabilities.

Our team has worked together for years, and our familiarity with one another – and our communication skills – creates a friendly, consultative environment that produces positive results for our clients.

Why have our clients chosen FSG Capital’s debt financing over their bank’s lending products? The reasons include:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Terms of up to 10 years
  • 100% financing with no down payment requirements
  • Financing of pre-delivery payments to reduce customer cash outlays
  • No restrictive financial covenants
  • Flexible payment structures to match cash flows
  • Diversification of lenders to reduce borrowing risks
  • No call features

The loan process doesn’t have to be painful, with FSG Capital you’ll collaborate with partners who want your business to succeed. Call 410-792-7400 or email.