Your company needs equipment in order to survive – and grow. FSG Capital understands this critical concept, and our work with leasing clients over the years has provided our team with knowledge and experience that directly benefits our clients.

Equipment leasing through FSG Capital allows you to acquire the tools and equipment you need immediately, without a large capital outlay or the burden of equipment ownership.

Our team of experts works directly with you, unlike other lessors who may pass their customers off to assistants or outsourced personnel. We have designed our leasing process to move quickly, without sacrificing accuracy. FSG Capital has invested heavily in back office capabilities, so transactions, payments, and other services are processed in a timely manner.

Working with FSG Capital, you can count on securing a well-designed lease transaction that can:

  • Preserve existing bank lines of credit to enable you to match your short-term working capital needs with short-term credit facilities.
  • Reduce your balance sheet debt and improve financial ratios to make your business more attractive for potential investors and/or creditors.
  • Allow for the acquisition of more or better equipment often with lower payments, through 100% financing, deferred or skip payment plans and tax benefits.
  • Guard against equipment obsolescence with end of term options including purchase, rent renewal or return of equipment.
  • Reduce your tax burden with fully deductible lease payments that go directly to the bottom line.

Take your business to the next level with a well-designed equipment lease from FSG Capital. Call 410-792-7400 or email.